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    47TH KYIV IFF "MOLODIST" -  27.05 - 03.06.18.

Short Films

Short Films

перші короткометражні фільми (зняті після кіношколи - ігрові, документальні, анімаційні - за регламентом – до 45 хвилин)

Director - Raluca Ungureanu; Screenplay - Andrei Traian Ungureanu, Raluca Ungureanu; Camera - Catalin Moise; Editing - Flavia Negoescu; Producer - Raluca Ungureanu, Andrei Traian Ungureanu
Mircea Andreescu, Marius Florea Vizante, Camelia Maxim

An old man is in need of a surgery. He goes to the hospital pushed by his wife who has arranged everything. What should be a simple medical intervention turns into a meeting with the destiny. Will the old man understand the meaning of this encounter?

Director - Pedro Peralta; Screenplay - Pedro Peralta; Camera -João Ribeiro; Editing - Francisco Moreira; Producer - João Matos
Domicília Nunes, Ricardo Francisco, Alice Calçada, António Pote, António Eusébio

At dawn a group of peasants tries to rescue the body of a young man from the well. Women veil their faces in silence while men endure the situation. In the center of it all, a mother awaits her son’s salvation. The wait is over. The boy’s body emerges from the depths of the earth. How can life cease to be when in nature there is an enduring renewal? From a distance the sun sinks into the horizon. There is a new day ahead.

United Kingdom
Director - Toby Fell-Holden; Screenplay - Toby Fell-Holden; Camera - Brian Fawcett; Editing - Matteo Bini; Production design - Francesca Massariol; Music - Terence Dunn; Producer - Tom Kimberley, Ali Mansuri
Charlotte Beaumont, Genevieve Dunne, Umit Ulgen

Tina, a troubled teenage girl, is attracted to Dana, an Afghani girl, whom Tina tells us is oppressively victimized by her substance abusing father, Karim. Initially, we trust Tina and admire her protectiveness of Dana from the kids at school, but as we watch their friendship blossom we come to suspect that something is off.

Director - Leonor Teles; Screenplay - Leonor Teles; Editing - Leonor Teles; Camera - Leonor Teles; Music - Emir Kusturica & No Smoking Orchestra, Melech Mechaya; Producer - Filipa Reis, João Miller Guerra

Simultaneously strange and familiar, distant and near, disquieting and seductive, outsider and cosmopolitan, gypsies are shrouded in an aura of ambiguity. They cannot be said to be invisible, as they hardly go unnoticed

Director - Fateme Ahmadi, Asmita Shrish; Screenplay - Fateme Ahmadi; Camera - Narendra Mainali;Editing - Abolfazl Talooni; Production design - Menuka Rai; Music - Filip Sijanec; Producer - David Cao, Victor Koo
Arun Rai, Bir Bahadur Rai

Seven-year-old Chandra and his elderly grandfather have to travel on foot through earthquake-hit Kathmandu in order to get to the hospital, where Chandra’s mother has just given birth. Chandra is oblivious to the scenes of misery on the streets, and is fascinated by the many curious and beautiful sights, and excited about meeting his new sibling. Grandfather, who knows the sheer scope of destruction, attempts to protect Chandra from the grim reality of it all, while gradually coming to terms with the fact that the city is no longer the same, and that the hospital may not even stand. 

Director - Dominika Łapka; Screenplay - Dominika Łapka; Camera - Weronika Bilska; Editing - Wojciech Jagiełło; Music - Tomasz Gąssowski; Producer - Ewa Jastrzebska
Borys Moskalik-Pieper, Celina Puszczyńska, Aleksandra Bożek

Joszek is six years old. His cousin, Lila, comes to stay... for good. The children compete over who will sleep with Mummy. What lengths is a child who yearns to nestle in their mother’s embrace again capable to go to?

Director - Natalie Beder; Screenplay - Natalie Beder; Camera - David Chambille; Editing - Louise Decelle; Music - Romain Trouillet;Producer - Nelson Ghrénassia
André Wilms, Natalie Beder, Myriam Tekaïa

A meeting in an empty roadside café-restaurant. A man in his sixties is waiting. A young woman enters, she seems tired, weighed down with her backpack, and her whole life inside it. He offers to take her a part of the way. She accepts.

Director - Vadym Shapran; Screenplay - Shaun Graham; Camera - Volodymyr Filimonov; Editing - Vadym Shapran; Production design - Olena Bohachuk; Music - Oleksandr Samson; Producer - Vadym Shapran
Andrii Anisimov, Volodymyr Zubkov, Eric Ross Gilliatt, Brian Richy

A man discovers that he’s the protagonist in a cliché short student film and struggles to get out of it.

Director - Flurin Giger; Screenplay - Flurin Giger; Camera - Silvan Giger; Editing - Flurin Giger; Music - Paul Giger; Producer - Фабіан Філліґер, Флурін Ґіґер, Cільван Ґіґер
Fabian Villiger, Christina Brandenberg, Annina Walt, Mona Petri, Jürg Plüss

Nine characters, four stories, one situation. How to act while knowing that something big, something irreversible, something that you can't run away from or fight against, is going to happen. Something bigger than anything humans have ever experienced...

Director - Oren Gerner; Screenplay - Oren Gerner; Camera - Adi Mozes; Editing - Oren Gerner, Lital Maizel; Music - Nadav Itzhak; Producer - Tinker Shiray, Eyal Shiray
Neta Moran, Oren Gerner

57-year-old Ora arrives to a spiritual awareness workshop in the desert, and needs to adapt to the unique dynamics of the place in order to gain some time with her daughter, 34-year-old Tali. As the workshop progresses, dark elements from their past arises, and obliges Ora to deal with their implications for the first time.

Director - Emmanuelle Nicot; Screenplay - Emmanuelle Nicot; Camera - Caroline Guimbal; Editing - Robin Cnockert; Music - Florian Parra; Producer - Julie Esparbes, Anthony Rey, Nicolas Guiot
Hajar Koutaine, Clémence Warnier

Raïssa and Alio (17 and 18 years old) have shared the same room in a foster home since childhood. One evening as she returns to the foster home, Raïssa discovers that Alio has left the place without telling her.

Director - Héloïse Pelloquet; Screenplay - Héloïse Pelloquet, Rémi Brachet; Camera - Augustin Barbaroux; Editing - Héloïse Pelloquet; Music - Arthur Pelloquet; Producer - Mélissa Malinbaum
Mattis Durand, Clémence Boisnard, Imane Laurence, Jean-Pierre Couton, Laura Vrignaud

Mattis, almost 15, works on a fishing boat during the summer. There, he discovers a whole new world. Soon it will be time for him and his friends to leave their childhood island, and go to high school on the continent.

Director - Elena García; Screenplay - Elena García, Cristina Goddard; Camera - Luis García; Editing - Gaby Amione; Producer - Elena García
Baltimore Beltrán, Emir Meza, Russel Álvarez, Alejandro Maldonado, Marianna Morales

El Jilote, a third generation miner, dreams about a better life for his family. An unexpected explosion at the mine will suddenly transform his wish.

Director - Hristo Simeonov; Screenplay - Deyan Enev, Hristo Simeonov; Camera - Vesselin Hristov; Editing - Jonathan Haidelberger; Production design - Ivelina Mineva; Producer - Kostadin Bonev, Magdelena Ilieva
Alexandar Emilov, Borislav Rusev, Ivelina Stefanova, Plamena Stefanova, Lubomir Stefanov

Django is an eleven-year-old gypsy boy who lives with his family in an abandoned trailer near a train railway. Every morning his father jumps onto the train to hitch a free ride into town to look for food and earn money. In the mornings and evenings the father prepares his son to tackle the hardships of the life that are necessary to keep the family alive.

Germany, France, Hungary
Director - Bella Szederkényi; Screenplay - Bella Szederkényi; Editing - David Hartmann; Music - Fabrizio Tentoni; Producer - Lissi Muschol

A homeless orphan, an animalistic little kid escapes the big city into the darkness of the woods. It is there that the kid meets a creature mightier than ever imagined.

Director - Luis Briones; Screenplay - Luis Briones; Camera - Ernesto Trujillo; Editing - Sofía Gómez Córdova; Production design - Erick Alvarado; Music - Kenji Kishi; Producer - Angélica Sotelo, Luis Briones
Camila Partida Robles, Santiago Pedroche, Santiago López Patiño, Perseo Sánchez

Among a civil conflict in a Mexican small village, a little girl falls in love with a beautiful young dead man.

Director - Khris Cembe; Screenplay - Laura Aguado, Khris Cembe; Editing - Laura Aguado, Iván Miñambres; Music - Kim Peratt; Producer - Iván Miñambres

A night train journey. A wagon full of passengers. An annoying companion in your compartment... What would you be willing to do in order to have a peaceful journey?


A Bitter Taste, Raluca Ungureanu, Romania, 2016, 20’

Shark Tooth, Oren Gerner, Israel, 2016, 28’

Thіrough Your Eyelids, Luis Briones, Mexico, 2015, 16’

Ruah,  Flurin Giger, Switzerland, 2016, 18’19’’


Must Escape, Vadym Shapran, Ukraine, 2016, 15’

The Son, Hristo Simeonov, Bulgaria, 2015, 28’54’’

Balcony,  Toby Fell-Holden, United Kingdom, 2015, 17’

Batrachian's Ballad, Leonor Teles, Portugal, 2016, 11’

The Wild Boar, Bella Szederkényi, Germany, France, Hungary, 2016, 13’32’’


Lila, Dominika Łapka, Poland, 2015, 24’

Snatched, Emmanuelle Nicot, Belgium, 2016, 22’42’’

Travel by Feet, Khris Cembe, Spain, 2015, 14’43’’ 

The Exile, Elena García, Mexico, 2015, 17’30’’


Ascension, Pedro Peralta, Portugal, 2016, 18’

The Age of Sirens, Héloïse Pelloquet, France, 2016, 27’

Chandra, Fateme Ahmadi, Asmita Shrish, Nepal, 2015, 15’

Millions of Tears, Natalie Beder, France, 2015, 21’30’’

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