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    47TH KYIV IFF "MOLODIST" -  27.05 - 03.06.18.

Student Films

Student Films

студентський короткий метр (ігрові, документальні, анімаційні - за регламентом – до 45 хвилин),

Director - Loïc Darses; Screenplay - Loïc Darses;Camera - Hubert Auger, Lucie Tremblay; Editing - Amélie Hardy; Editing - Amélie Hardy; Music - Max Romain; Producer - Loïc Darses
Lucie Tremblay

Loïc began his BA study in Film production at the Université du Québec à Montréal in 2012. There he made his first foray into filmmaking by directing several documentary short films. As graduation project, he now offers ELLE PIS SON CHAR: his first purely autobiographical and personal work.

Director - Alexandru Badea; Screenplay - Alexandru Badea;Camera - Tudor Platon; Editing - Delia Oniga; Production design - Alina Caprian; Editing - Amélie Hardy; Producer - Alexandru Badea
Daniel Popa, Tatiana Iekel, Cătălina Moga

Stung by the absurd administration process regarding the practicalities of his mother’s passing, Radu is having a hard time in this beautiful and evocative examination of what it means to say goodbye.

Director -Aleksandra Terpińska; Screenplay -Aleksandra Terpińska;Camera - Bartosz Bieniek; Editing -Przemysław Chruścielewski; Producer - Krystyna Doktorowicz
Marta Mazurek, Aleksandra Adamska, Małgorzata Trofimiuk, Andrzej Konopka, Bartosz Gelner

Aleksandra Terpińska studies directing at the University of Silesia in Katowice (Faculty of Radio and Television), she also is a graduate in Psychology from the University of Wroclaw. Director and screenwriter of short films, commercials and music videos.

Director - Chiang Wei Liang ; Screenplay - Chiang Wei Liang, Lynn Chen, David Lin, Alan Wang; Camera - Wei Tz Yang ; Editing - Chiang Wei Liang; Production design - Lee Chia Jung; Producer - Chen Lynn
Nguyen Thi Thuy Lanh, Tran Quoc Huy

Without means to put down roots and settle. Two migrant workers seek solutions on an island where anchorage is prohibited.

Director-Rafael Haider; Screenplay-Rafael Haider; Camera - Lukas Schöffel; Editing-Birgit Bergmann; Music-Henning Backhaus; Producer - Lola Basara-Hengl
Haymon Maria Buttinger, Ingrid Burkhard, Karl Fischer, Manfred Tschank

It is wintertime. The landscape is bare and grey. An isolated farm is located next to the woods. An old married couple lives there. Their life consists of everyday activities which they are not capable of coping with any more and, furthermore, mostly of boredom. For his daily work the farmer has an old donkey to help him. When the pragmatic farmer learns that the death of his longtime companion is near, he notices that he loves the animal more than he can admit. A parable about death and parting, a fairy tale for grown-ups.

Fiction, Experimental
Director-Lin Wang; Screenplay - Lin Wang; Camera - Matthew Tanner; Editing -Yumeng Chen; Production design- Yun Cao; Producer-Lauren Brooks, Michael Sainz; Production-Lin Wang
Evan Liu, Wei Ren, Allen Theosky Rowe, Jun Nian Cheng

Evan would enjoy nothing more than to spend his day inside playing with his toys. He’s 7 years old, Chinese, living with his soon-to-be widowed mother, Wei. After visiting his comatose father in the hospital, Evan learns he must come to grips with the impending death falling upon his family while watching helplessly as his mother tries to cope with single parenthood.

Director - Sylwia Rosak; Screenplay - Sylwia Rosak; Camera - Sylwia Rosak; Editing - Sylwia Rosak; Music - Paweł Szygendowski; Producer - Jerzy Lukaszewicz

A short story that each of us experienced. First love is something, you cannot forget. The question is whether we had enough courage at that time to make that first step?

Director - Attila Hartung; Screenplay - Bálint Csaba; Camera - Marcell Nagy; Editing - Áron Mezei; Production design - Sára Luca Jeli; Music-Dávid Konsiczky; Producer-István Major, Miklós Bosnyák, Gábor Osváth
Gyula Bodrogi, Krisztián Kovács

Hungary, 25 years after the transition to democracy. A young priest meets an old man, Gabor, an atheist. A desperately-concealed crime and a crushing sense of guilt come to light, which have overshadowed Gabor's entire life. The priest makes up his mind to lead Gabor to absolution at all costs...

Slovakia, Czechia
Fiction Color, Black&White
Director-Michal Blaško; Screenplay - Michal Blaško; Camera - Adam Mach; Editing - Peter Sedlácik; Music- Igor Bruso
Julian Enrik Smoliga, Dávid Selecký, Oliver Asztalos, Juraj Benčík, Júlia Horváthová, Alfréd Aczel

Marek is a young boy who witnesses a violent attack in a bus. He is able to shoot the whole incident on his cell phone, but his fear and conscience prevent him from doing the right thing.

Director-Marine Atlan; Screenplay-Anne Brouillet, Marine Atlan; Camera-Marine Atlan; Editing-Guillaume Lillo; Producer-Yannick Beauquis
Camille Lerebourg, David Anselme, Nadine Bisson

On a long road, bordered with trees, a new feeling is born in Camille. It will grow on the path to discovering the feelings of others, between the waves.

Russia, Germany
Director - Tatiana Fedorovskaya; Screenplay-Elena Amelina, Tatiana Fedorovskaya; Camera-Yan Ionov, Vladimir Egorov; Editing - Anton Verstakov; Production design-Irina Deryagina, Tatiana Masakova; Producer-Rustem Samigullin
Dmitry Pervushin, Vladimir Vinogradov

Once upon a time, hailing straight from the Caribbean, a magician disguised as a traffic inspector broke into Mr. Average’s boring life to grant him his cherished dream: to take his driver’s exam in his own living room. Pedal to the metal – he leaves his gray and boring life behind! Can he still make a U-turn and come back to his routine?"

Director-Paul Meschùh; Screenplay - Aydin Alinejadsomeeh, Paul Meschùh; Camera-Michael Heinz; Editing-Fabian Rüdisser; Production design-Stephanie Haas; Producer-Felix von Poser
Nicholas Reinke, Amin Nasir, Darcal Sobi, Maria Rui, Sharzad Keyhani

The young Afghan woman, Nabilah, is injured in an accident. German soldiers take her to a military base. Since the residents of Nabilah’s hometown must not find out about her physical contact with foreign men, a race for her life begins.

Director - Josua Hotz; Screenplay - Aina Maminiriana Andrianalisoa; Camera - Julia Sangnakkara; Editing - Youri Tchao; Music - Mbolatiana Toky Rasoamanana; Producer- Heinz Dill, Jean-Guillaume Sonnier
Andry Tafika Harison Rakotozafy, Marie Esther Razanamanga, Nary Elysée Dit Tapé Raherison, Arnaud Olivier Rakotozafy, Nomena Andrianina Safidinekena Bryan Ainarifetra

Nirin is 6. His mother had promised they’d go on a lovely, long trip and Nirin is eagerly looking forward to discover his country on a journey in a bush taxi, together with his two younger brothers. It’s the first time he’s leaving his native village in Madagascar. However, this great journey doesn’t turn out the way Nirin had imagined it.

Режисер-Надя Андрашев; Сценарій-Надя Андрашев, Адам Бодор; Монтаж -Юдіт Цако; Художник-Надя Андрашев; Музика-Балінт Сабо, Марчі Крістоф; Продюсер-Йожеф Фюльоп

A woman is being watched every day by the neighbor's cat, as she takes care of her exotic plants. Their perverted ritual comes to an end when the cat disappears. Next spring a peculiar man pays her a visit.

Director-Ernesto Martínez Bucio; Screenplay-Ernesto Martínez Bucio, Odei Zabaleta Imaz; Camera-Odei Zabaleta Imaz; Editing-Ernesto Martínez Bucio; Producer-Henner Hofmann, Karla Bukantz
Mónica Bejarano, Francisco Mena, Báltimore Beltrán, Eduardo Millet, Humberto Yañez

I can’t tell my name. I’m 3 months pregnant. I live with my boyfriend. We take care of people. We want to go away from this city, but they brought us another guest. He is 7 or 8 years old. It looks like he’s getting sick and my boyfriend doesn’t want to do anything. I’m afraid something bad happens to him. I hope they pay the ransom soon.

South Korea
Director-Park Ji-in; Screenplay-Park Ji-in, Park Ji-soo; Camera-Jeong Woon-cheon; Editing-Park Ji-in; Music-Chang Hyun-young; Producer-Choi Ha-na
Park Suyeon, Nam Ji-hye, Lee Joo-young

The day just before her transfer, Suhyang practices her intonation to hide her origin

United Kingdom
Director-Frederik Subei; Screenplay-Frederik Subei; Camera-Frederik Subei; Editing-Frederik Subei; Music-Yoann Mylonakis; Producer-Frederik Subei

An authentic insight into the life of a refugee in the jungle of Calais in Northern France. The filmmaker spent 3 months during the winter in the camp, living with the refugees in makeshift tents.

Teefa has fled the regime in Sudan with the dream to start a new life in the UK. But sneaking onto a truck to cross the border is difficult and the harsh conditions of the camp are taking its toll. Teefa begins to question the greatness of Britain and looks for other options instead.

Director-Alexandre Gilmet; Screenplay-Alexandre Gilmet; Camera-Laetitia de Montalembert; Editing-Fanny Deblauwe;Music-Simon Primerano, Alexandre Gilmet; Producer -Laurent Gross
Renaud Rutten, Laurent Van Wetter, Alain Bellot

Georges, a very angry garbage man, rushes toward the front door of a huge house. He wants to kick the ass of the "rich asshole" who has left razor-sharp objects in his trash bags. However, when the door opens, Georges realizes that the rich asshole happens to be a handicapped man in a wheelchair...

Director-Tim Ellrich, Leonhard Kaufman; Screenplay-Tim Ellrich, Dominik Huber; Camera-Tim Weskamp, Felix Rothmayer; Music-Andreas Pfeiffer;Producer- Stefanie Gödicke, Tim Ellrich
Werner Brix, Alexander E. Fennon

In order to reconnect his TV connection, Helmut decides to climb out of his window in a resolute manner. His neighbor Walter misinterprets this action as an attempted suicide, which Walter would love to join as well. While trying to clarify this misunderstanding, both find a close friend in the formerly unknown neighbor.

Experimental, Black&White
Director-Roman Volosevych; Screenplay-Roman Volosevych; Camera-Albina Vinar; Editing-Roman Volosevych; Producer - Roman Volosevych

“Inhabitants of that city, the children of Velial, the unburdened ones.”


Green Romances, dir. Marine Atlan, France, 2015, 32’

Transit Zone, dir. Frederik Subei, United Kingdom, 2015, 32’8’’

Deliver Us, dir. Attila Hartung, Hungary, 2015, 22’38’’

The Transfer Student, dir. Park Ji-in, South Korea, 2015, 22’48’’


Trash, Alexandre Gilmet, Belgium, 2015, 18’36’’

Happy Paradise, Tatiana Fedorovskaya, Russia, Germany, 2016, 20’

All Rivers Run to the Sea, Alexandru Badea, Romania, 2016, 24’42’’

The Noise of Licking, Nadja Andrasev, Hungary, 2016, 9’15’’



Carry On, Rafael Haider,Austria, 2015, 23’30’’      

FearMichal Blaško, Slovakia, Czechia,2015, 28’26’’

VelialRoman Volosevych, Ukraine, 2016, 5’51’’        

America, Aleksandra Terpińska, Poland,2015, 30

Anchorage Prohibited, Chiang Wei Liang, Taiwan, 2015, 16’26’’


The Reasons in the World, Ernesto Martínez Bucio, Mexico, 2015, 37’

NabilahPaul Meschùh, Germany, 2015, 22’

A Woman and Her Car, Loïc Darses, Canada, 2015, 28’22’’

Nirin, Josua Hotz, Switzerland, 2015, 15‘45‘‘

Debut – Love, Sylwia Rosak, Poland, 2015, 4’

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