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    47TH KYIV IFF "MOLODIST" -  27.05 - 03.06.18.


Tunisia, Belgium, France
Director - Mohamed Ben Attia; Screenplay - Mohamed Ben Attia; Camera - Frédéric Noirhomme; Editing - Azza Chaabouni, Ghalya Lacroix, Hafedh Laaridhi; Production design - Mohamed Denguezli; Music - Omar Aloulou
Majd Mastoura, Rym Ben Messaoud, Sabah Bouzouita, Hakim Boumessoudi

Young Tunisian Hedi lives an ordered life in which he believes there can be no more surprises. His future will play out as other people have planned. But then something happens that nobody would ever have expected: he meets a young woman named Rim and falls in love with her. She wants to make a go of it abroad. But will Hedi also have the courage to escape his inner and outer prisons? 

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Kyiv Cinema/ Blue Hall

28.10.16 Kyiv Cinema/ Red Hall 13:15

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