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    47TH KYIV IFF "MOLODIST" -  27.05 - 03.06.18.


Switzerland, France
Director - Tobias Nölle; Screenplay - Tobias Nölle; Camera - Simon Guy Fässler; Editing - Tobias Nölle, Myriam Flury; Production design - Su Erdt; Music - Tom Huber, Beat Jegen; Producer - Christian Davi, Christof Neracher, Thomas Thümena
Georg Friedrich, Kamil Krejci, Tilde von Overbeck, Yufei Li

The eccentric private detective Aloys Adorn films and observes the lives of others with his camera. After the death of his father he gets drunk, falls asleep on a bus and wakes up only to discover the loss of his camera and surveillance tapes Shortly thereafter a mysterious woman calls and blackmails him into agreeing to an obscure experiment. Aloys falls in love with the voice on the other end and must muster his strength to finally break through his loneliness.

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Date Place Sessions
27.10.16 Kyiv Cinema/ Blue Hall 16:45
29.10.16 Kyiv Cinema/ Blue Hall 14:15


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