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    47TH KYIV IFF "MOLODIST" -  27.05 - 03.06.18.

The Together Project

France, Iceland
Director - Sólveig Anspach; Screenplay - Sólveig Anspach, Jean-Luc Gaget; Camera - Isabelle Razavet; Editing - Anne Riegel; Production design - Drifa Freyju-Ármannsdottir, Marie Le Garrec; Music - Martin Wheeler; Producer - Patrick Sobelman, Skuli Fr. Malmquist
Florence Loiret-Caille, Didda Jónsdóttir, Samir Guesmi, Philippe Rebbot

An awkwardly handsome crane driver Samir falls hopelessly in love with Agathe after spotting her in a café. When he learns she teaches swimming at a nearby pool, he concocts a plan to woo her by taking lessons, despite already knowing how to swim.

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22.10.16 Kyiv Cinema/ Red Hall 21:15

Zhovten Kinoman


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